Tech Stores - G1098

The Tech Stores is normally associated with elderly Corporals with bad backs and knees but this a place for all the bits and pieces, myths and of course legends that I could not get in elsewhere. Please enjoy the stories and return with your demand books soon!!!

Standard party 1980s
Flers Standard party 1984 Cambrai Staff Band
Regimental Standard Flers Standard Regimental Marches
Alan 'Lefty'Wright - A colourful character! Video The Oldendorf Fox
Alan 'Lefty' Wright Cambrai Day Video The Oldendorf Fox!
A wearing of the Green SLTA - A Troop test nightmare! The Breakdown by Malcolm Cleverley
The Wearing of the Green Troop Tests The Breakdown
Some short stories An ode to the RTR Dennis Adams
Some Short Stories An ode to the RTR Still a Full Screw
Bernadette Nolan The bog! Why did you do it!
Some More Short Stories Tank Design - What Really Happens D'OH!!!!
DISCLAIMER:  Not all the stories are 100% true and I may have embellished them a little but only in the name of humour. References to names, violence, destruction, the Police, burglary, man sex, intimidation, celebrities, dates and total drunken unprofessionalism are not all factual. Of course some are but I will allow you to decide which.